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Persecution | Mobilization

Many are interested in identifying the most threatened and mobilized Minorities at Risk groups. As a result, we have provided the following maps, which display those groups in our database that are engaged in the most mobilization and those that are subject to the highest forms of discrimination and repression for the 2003 time period.


  • Political Discrimination: Groups highlighted on this map face repressive policies enforced by the government of the state in which they reside. Public policy excludes group members from participation in the political life of the state as of 2003.
  • Repression: Groups highlighted on this map face high levels of repression at the hands of state agents. Groups experienced one of the following forms of repression in 2003: military campaigns against armed rebels; military massacres of suspected supporters; or ethnic cleansing.


  • Protests: Groups highlighted on this map were able to organize at least one protest with 10,000 people or more in 2003. Only protests directed against the state and concerning group rights and interests are included.
  • Rebellions: Groups highlighted on this map were involved in large-scale guerrilla warfare or a civil war in 2003. Large-scale guerrilla warfare involves more than 1000 armed fighters and more than 6 reported attacks a year, where those attacks take place in most of the areas occupied by the group. Civil wars include those conflicts in which the group has base areas to which it is able to deny access to the central government.


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