Tydings Hall, University of Maryland, College ParkCIDCM seeks to prevent and transform conflict, to understand the interplay between conflict and development, and to help societies create sustainable futures for themselves.

For more than 20 years, scholars and practitioners at CIDCM have sought ways to understand and address conflicts over security, identity, and distributive justice. CIDCM programs are based on the belief that "peace building and development-with-justice are two sides of the same coin." (CIDCM Founding Director, Edward Azar, 1987).

Current Developments

CIDCM Spotlight

Peace and Conflict 2014

Peace and Conflict 2014 book cover

CIDCM's flagship biennial publication, Peace and Conflict 2014, has been released. The report covers a range of topics including political and social instability, conflict, democratization, and terrorism. [ more... ]

Upcoming Events

Structural Racism and the Root Causes of Prejudice

Pedro A. Noguera, New York University and Odis Johnson, Jr., Washington University in St. Louis [ more... ]

Mars, Venus, or Planet Earth?

Michael Kimmel, Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies, Stony Brook University, NY [ more... ]

Iranian Women Writers

Farzaneh Milani, University of Virginia [ more... ]

Frontiers of Globalization and Governance Series

Amitav Acharya, American University, and Virginia Haufler, University of Maryland, College Park [ more... ]